At The Tiny Spa, we believe in the power to transform your mind, body and skin through therapeutic touch, advanced science based conscious skincare, and positivity. Our therapists are here to guide you towards wellness, radiance and happiness. Our treatments are focused on providing high touch modalities to help you recover from the negative effects of stress, all while using high tech molecular skincare that combines the wisdom of nature from plant botanicals with the intelligence of science; all free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones, artificial colors, animal derivatives, and Mit.

We help you become an embodiment of positivity and happiness by being the example and inspiring your own confidence through feeling great and revealing radiant skin. It is also our goal to educate you and provide you with the latest research on wellness, skincare and how to live your best self. Ultimately we are what we eat, what we put on our skin and what we project in this world. Great skin starts from within, so eating a full balanced nutrient-dense diet is absolutely essential for healthy skin.

Creating a customized daily skincare ritual with advanced products and being consistent, goes hand in hand with a healthy diet to reveal healthy radiant skin. And finally nothing speaks volumes like being happy. When you are happy it radiates from within to your skin, everyone takes notice of your glow and instantly becomes happier because you are! Let's make the world a happier, healthier and more radiant being by visiting The Tiny Spa today!


Hello :) my name is Jamie East and I’m the owner and founder of The Tiny Spa by Jamie East Esthetics. I started my career as an esthetician 13 years ago, working in an Aveda salon here in Winston. In 2014, I started my own business The Tiny Spa and completed my training to also become a licensed massage therapist. It is my absolute pleasure to provide each guest who visits The Tiny Spa with an experience they will never forget. At the Tiny Spa, we provide results driven facials utilizing our exclusive Italian skin care line [ comfort zone], therapeutic massage therapy, relaxing waxing services, body treatments and much more. I am also a freelance certified skin care educator for [ comfort zone ] teaching in salons and spas across the country. In addition to the spa services we offer, I am also and interior stylist and photographer offering styling services and photography for your home and office. You can visit for more details on interior styling and photography.