Body Treatments

Bagni Di Pisa Thermal Mud

60 Minutes $130

An intensive treatment with thermal water from Bagni Di Pisa, with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A blend of essential oils encourages a profound purification of the tissues, while the fucus and laminaria algae promote lipolytic action.

Thermogenic Attack

60 Minutes $130

An intensive treatment with thermogenic action, for profound and resistant cellulite imperfections. Helps reduce the typical signs of cellulite, improves the microcirculation, and thanks to the stimulation of lipolysis, promotes remodeling of the body.

Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Treatment

60 Minutes $85

Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Treatment offers a deep profound relaxation while restoring equilibrium through a unique combination of sound, touch and aroma. This powerful experience uses an indulgent blend of calming aromatic textures and an exclusive [ comfort zone ] musical composition of sustained rhythms, harmonic intervals and pulsing beats. Soft brushes and light touch gently guide you towards a quiet and peaceful mind and body state, favoring sleep and helping you to recover from stress.

Face & Body Waxing

Satin Smooth Hard and Soft Wax Services

*Student Brazilian Waxing is always $50 instead of $65 with valid I.D.

Prior to waxing you want to make sure you haven’t shaved for at least a week and a half. The longer the hair the easier the removal and better the result. Please avoid the sun and tanning beds 72 hours prior to and after waxing services.

Abdomen Wax | $20 + up  

Back Wax | $60 + up 

Brow Wax | $15 + up  

Basic Bikini Wax | $35 + up  

Manzilian Wax | $85 + up

Brazilian Wax | $65 + up  

Chest Wax | $25 + up  

Chin Wax | $15 + up    

Forearm Wax | $25 + up     

French Bikini Wax | $45 + up

Full Face Wax | 45 + up

Full-arm Wax | $45 + up

Full-leg Wax | $75 + up 

Half-leg Wax | $35 + up  

 Lip Wax | $15 + up  

 Lip/Brow Wax | $30 + up  

Lip/Chin Wax | $30 + up

Sideburn Wax | $15 + up

Underarm Wax | $20 + up