Elevate Your Moment

The Tiny Spa Signature Massage

30 Min|$40 60 Min|$70 90 Min|$100

Swedish inspired massage. Benefits: Rejuvenating. Relieves stress. Increases well being. Total relaxation.

The Tiny Spa Deep Massage

30 Min|$40 60 Min|$70 90 Min|$100

Deep Tissue inspired massage. Benefits: Rejuvenating. Relieves stress and sore muscles. Therapeutic treatment for problem areas.

The Tiny Spa Healer Massage

30 Min|$40 60 Min|$70 90 Min|$100

Energy balancing massage. Benefits: Calming. Deepens self awareness. Reduces emotional stress. Restorative.

The Tiny Spa Pregnancy Massage

30 Min|$45 60 Min|$75 90 Min|$105

Massage for expecting mothers. Benefits: Relieves muscle tension. Improves circulation. Reduces swelling. Promotes restful sleep.

Add-on Enhancements

LED Light Therapy Add-on


Based on NASA research, Celluma delivers blue, red, and near-infrared light energy simultaneously to safely treat a wide variety of conditions. Great for acne, inflammation, fine lines/wrinkles, joint and muscular pain and boosting the results of your facial treatment. The LED add-on treatment to massage includes every thing from the massage plus an additional 20 Minutes of LED light therapy with guided meditation.

Benefits: Provides a deep relief from aches and pains in both joints and muscles. Encourages circulation in targeted area.

Fatigued Leg Treatment


This add-on enhancement is perfect any waxing, facial or massage appointment. We start with a lower leg deep exfoliation, followed by a thermal mud mask, and finally a leg relieving gel that helps to reduces swelling and fluid around the legs, ankles and feet. Perfect treatment for those who walk, stand or travel often.

Fresh Eyes


Triple action hydro-gel treatment for the delicate area of the eyes and wrinkles for a revitalized fresh appearance.

Benefits: Minimizes fine lines/wrinkles and dark circles in the eye contour.

Scalp Renewal


Stimulates the scalp using warmed Roucou Oil for intense hydration.

Benefits: Hydrates the roots. Scalp massage Encourages circulation. Relaxes the mind.